The Schwan Food Company



Frozen Food Facts

ENRICHING LIVES our committment to health and wellness.

The subsidiaries of The Schwan Food Company manufacture and market delicious food. We’re well known for our signature ice cream, our pizzas and desserts, but we also have a variety of products that are better for you.

Schwan's Home Service, Inc. markets LiveSmart® products, which are moderate in calories,sodium and fat and have zero grams trans fat. Schwan’s Food Service, Inc. has always focused on the health and wellness of students in our schools and is now working to reduce sodium in many of its products. They also use whole grains in several products.

Frozen foods are a great fit for the busy lifestyles of today’s families, without compromising flavor and nutrition. You can serve up restaurant-quality meals every day in a fraction of the time and without the mess of cooking from scratch.